Board of Directors

Mr. Maharaj K Jalla

Mr. Raj Jalla is the founder & Chairman of International Design & Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd.

He is a civil engineering graduate from IIT-BHU and has studied in California State University and is PE in Thirty six states of USA. A professional engineer with 40 years of structural engineering experience. Mr. Raj has extensive experience not only in executing and managing the Heavy civil engineering projects but also in establishing and managing the structural and geo-technical consultancy.

Mr. Raj has Four US Patents in Structural and Geotechnical field and one patent in integrated task management software. Mr. Raj strongly believes that technology gives better quality at a higher speed and in the most economical manner. He has tremendous business acumen and the entrepreneurship skills. Currently he is President and CEO of Consulting Engineers Corp. with Two offices in USA in the field of Structural Engineering Consultancy.

Apart from his passion in Structural Engineering, he has been instrumental in promoting number of Organizations in different verticals like Information Technology, e-commerce/payments, Healthcare and Real estate. Below mentioned are the Organizations which have been seeded and promoted by Mr. Raj.

  • Cecsoft (USA)
  • Altrusita Health (USA)
  • Sunrise Real Estate Investments (USA)
  • Golf Course Plaza, LLC, Real Estate Development (USA)
  • Payment Plus (USA)

Mr. Raj has been instrumental in the completion of various global projects in the field of Mass Transportation, Heavy Construction, Commercial Buildings and Development of various engineering Software packages.

Other Board Members
Dr. Girija Jalla
Director Member
Mr. A K Jalla
Director Member
Dr. Ashok Agarwal
Director Member